Online Assessments and Online Proctoring for Students

Integrity is a core principle that underpins our academic community. Faculty and students have a responsibilty to uphold the highest ethical standards of academic conduct. The University of Florida's Honor Pledge commits each student to the highest standards of honesty and integrity by abiding by the Student Honor Code.

Honor Code

We, the members of the University of Florida community, pledge to hold ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.


On all work submitted for credit by students at the University of Florida, the following pledge is either required or implied:

"On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment."

Online Proctoring Services

Honorlock is an online student authentication and proctoring service which utilizes artificial intelligence with your webcam and screen to proctor online assessments in Canvas.

Honorlock is fully browser-based, allowing students to avoid the hassle of having to download bulky software to access the proctoring system. In order to access Honorlock, students will need to download the Honorlock extension. The Chrome Browser is required to use Honorlock. For additional assistance with downloading the Honorlock extension, please refer to the Honorlock - Student Guide.

To ensure that your computer meets the system requirements needed to launch Honorlock, you can run a one-click system check to test your operating system, internet speed, and version of Chrome. To run a system check of your computer in preparation of an upcoming exam please visit the following page: Once you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the "Simple Single-Click Test" section with the "Run System Check" button.

The Honorlock support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical difficulties you may come across. Should you need any support in using Honorlock, please visit the following page and use the Live Chat Option:  Live Chat is the quickest way to reach Honorlock Support. 24/7 Proctoring support services will also be available to you during your exam should you need assistance during your test. You may also reach Honorlock’s support team at or by calling +1 (844) 243-2500.

Getting Started with Honorlock (PDF: Honorlock - Getting Started with Honorlock)
For first-time users, an online proctoring system may be completely foreign to you. With the step-by-step Student Guide, we will teach you how to launch and use Honorlock with great ease. We will explain how to install the Honorlock extension, launch the proctoring system, take a photo and verify your identification, complete a proper room scan, start screen recording, and begin your exam.

If you have any questions concerning your computer privacy visit the following pages that provides detailed student privacy information, questions and answers. 

Student Privacy Statement:

Honorlock Protects Student Privacy:


UF Student ProctorU webpage:

Using ProctorU Q&A: