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Today, more than ever, high school students need to learn how to manage their own finances.  The National Institute for Financial and Economic Literacy (NIFEL) has provided teachers with the background and resources to bring personal finance topics into their classroom for over a decade. Now for the first time, NIFEL is online. Teachers now have the opportunity to learn from experts around the country and earn a certificate of completion which may be useful in obtaining continuing education credits in your state.


Personal and family goals produce a financial direction for the household. This course is designed to help you learn about the major life decisions many choose to do. Our responsibility with money affects the ability to successfully reach these goals. Budgeting starts with identifying income and expenses. This course will teach you how to understand your paycheck, social security, taxes and employee benefits. You will learn the basic principles of becoming financially organized and how to establish saving strategies for financial goals. This course will prepare you to teach grade school students prudent skills on making consumer decisions for cell phone contracts, purchasing or leasing a car, and homeownership. Your challenge will be to create effective strategies by communicating how to make positive financial habits every day. It will also provide an introductory understanding about family planning, education planning and retirement planning.

Course Topics 

Increase knowledge regarding concepts and resources related to:

  • Overview, the origins of our financial behavior
  • Financial Record Keeping
  • Establishing and assessing Financial Position
  • Income Tax Basics
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Paying for the Rising Cost of Higher Education
  • Planning for Education
  • Social Security Benefits and Solvency
  • Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning
  • Planning for Retirement Needs
  • Consumer Decision Making Process and Demand for Consumer Information
  • Financial Contracts 1: Car Ownership
  • Financial Contracts 2: Home Ownership
  • Financial Contracts 3: Cell Phone Contracts
  • Common Consumer Frauds


Co-Instructor: Dr. Michael S. Gutter

Office: 3002-c McCarty Hall D

Email: * Preferred Method of Contact

Phone: 352-392-1761

Office Hours: On Skype, Facetime, or GChat by Appointment


Co-Instructor: Dr. Martie Gillen

Office: 3028A McCarty Hall D

Email: * Preferred Method of Contact

Phone: 352-392-0404

Office Hours: On Skype, Facetime, or GChat by Appointment 


The cost for this course is $225.00. 


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