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The Walking DESC: Our Biggest Challenge Yet

UF Distance Education Service Center takes on its biggest challenge yet: the UF GatorCare 2018 Spring Walking Challenge.

The Walking DESC: Our Biggest Challenge Yet

UF Distance Education Service Center (DESC) has embarked on an exciting wellness activity: The UF GatorCare 2018 Spring Walking Challenge.

A total of 6 weeks, our challenge began March 19 and will continue through April 29. The overall purpose of the walking challenge is to inject more daily physical activity into the workplace, essentially making going for a walk a vital part of the workday.  Our office sits at desks 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, glued to the phone and constantly staring at computer screens. Hopefully this challenge will encourage our team to get up and get moving. 

Our team name is The Walking DESC. Our mission? Get more sunshine and top our team total steps from the previous week, each week. During the week, team members track and record their daily steps into a group spreadsheet that helps calculate the total number of steps, as well as the group average. Our team is competing with 258 other teams and almost over 2,600 participants across the University of Florida.  

DESC has already taken initiative to bring wellness into the workplace through Wellness Wednesdays. On Wellness Wednesdays, we DESCercise – that is, we encourage each other to get up and move, utilizing a few exercise tools brought into the office as well as other activities that include fun team-building, such as DESC Olympics and an office field day at Lake Wauburg. We also incorporate daily activity by going for walking breaks as a team every day.

Maintaining a healthy workplace is important for the energy and well being of you and your co-workers. It spices up the monotonous routine of coming to work, doing your job and leaving. Get more out of what you do, and encourage your peers to do the same!

Interested in promoting wellness at work as a career? Consider earning a degree in Health Education & Behavior (HEB). HEB bridges the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of health to promote healthier living. For example, HEB professionals can become Worksite Wellness Managers and bring wellness into organizations through walking challenges, nutrition education, and more. And through distance learning, you can gain the skills and knowledge to empower others to live a healthier lifestyle, from anywhere in the world: the University of Florida offers an online bachelor's degree and an online master of science in HEB in addition to our on-campus programs. 

Courtney Hancock is a senior public relations student at the University of Florida. She currently works with the UF Distance and Continuing Education Marketing Department as an intern. When she's not writing articles for the News Lounge, she's pursuing her life goals to laugh often & love dogs. 

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