Disability Accommodations

Academic accommodations are available to all currently enrolled students, including students enrolled in distance learning programs.

If you are in the process of exploring distance learning options, please use the following tool to help you decide if distance learning is right for you: www.distance.ufl.edu/self-assessment.

If you have decided to enroll in a distance learning program, it is important to familiarize yourself with your program and its requirements. This webpage provides overview and point of contact information for each distance learning program offered by the University of Florida. This information can help you assess the impact on your disability and your potential accommodation needs. Call or e-mail your program's point of contact if you have any questions.

How to Register with the Disability Resource Center

1. In order to register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) so you can request academic accommodations, you must provide disability documentation, view an Orientation session, and schedule a 1:1 Intake appointment. Since some accommodations require significant pre-planning, you are advised to begin the intake process well in advance of the start of your first academic semester.

2. Contact the Disability Resource Center at 352-392-8565 to schedule an Intake appointment. If you are unable to meet with a DRC staff in Gainesville, please let the receptionist know that the appointment will need to be a phone intake appointment. Appointments via Skype and Facetime are also available.

3. Please ensure the following documents are provided to the Disability Resource Center in advance of your Intake appointment. If the documents are not received by the time of your appointment, the appointment will be re-scheduled.

  • Disability documentation: Documentation from a qualified physician or other licensed professional in a field related to your disability is required. Since each disability is unique, details of what constitutes appropriate documentation is provided in the 'Documentation Guidelines' section on this webpage. At a minimum, the documentation must provide verification of the disability, document the functional limitations noted as a result of the disability, and offer recommendations of possible accommodations.
  • Identification verification: A scanned copy of your driver's license, UFID, or official photo identification card is required.
  • Student Responsibility and Consent Agreement form

4. Documents can be sent to the Disability Resource Center via:


Disability Resource Center
University of Florida
PO Box 114085
Gainesville, FL 32611-4085





5. The intake process consists of two components – viewing the Orientation presentation and completing an Intake appointment.

Note: the following presentation should be viewed as a 'Slide Show' in order for the accompanying audio to work properly. Begin the Slide show by pressing the 'Slide Show' icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the PowerPoint window. Or, by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. If you need assistance, please call 352-392-8565.

a. The Orientation presentation is designed to provide an overview of relevant DRC policy and procedure and available DRC services. You must view the presentation before your Intake appointment. At the end of the Orientation presentation, you will receive information on how to verify your completion of the presentation.

b. The Intake appointment is a 1:1 appointment with a DRC staff member during which:

  • The DRC staff member will review your documentation
  • You should be prepared to discuss the impact of your disability in the academic environment, your history of accommodation, and your potential accommodation needs
  • The DRC staff member and you will make a decision about your accommodations
  • The DRC staff member will share self-advocacy information and strategies

Next Steps – Request your accommodation letters and provide to your instructors

1. When you have completed your Intake appointment, you will be able to request your accommodation letters online via the DRC website. Accommodation letters are your way of communicating your accommodation needs to instructors. Upon receipt of your request, an e-mail with a PDF attachment of your letter will be sent to you via your GatorLink e-mail within two business days.

  • Be aware that some programs require that you provide an accommodation letter to a program coordinator or a testing coordinator.
  • Please contact your program if you have any questions about the distribution of your accommodation letters

2. Send your accommodation letters to your instructors via e-mail. You may want to consider sending your e-mail 'Read/Receipt' so that you will know the e-mail has been received. In the body of the e-mail, introduce yourself and indicate that you would like to determine the best method (e.g. phone call, e-mail, Skype) to review your accommodation letter and discuss your specific accommodation needs.

3. Contact the Disability Resource Center if you need to discuss a modification to your accommodation letter due to changes in the impact of your disability or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the implementation of your accommodations.

4. Request your accommodation letters at the beginning of each successive semester.

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